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Our Laser Delivers Results

At Bodyrayz you can be assured that our FDA approved medical grade laser will give you the best possible result from your treatments each and every time. We are passionate about achieving real results and making a real change to the way you feel about you, you can safely say we know hair and how to remove it. After you see the results from your first few sessions you'll know you made the right decision to come to Bodyrayz to have treatments.

Payment Plans

At Bodyrayz, we understand the cost of Laser treatments can be pricey. This is why we have taken the time to look at the average price charged in the Mississauga area and discounted ours to be affordable to everyone. Please note, the prices we offer are very competitive and does not mean our treatments are less effective. We will still deliver promised results by offering you affordable prices.

For Clients who wish to have a full body laser hair treatment, we offer a month to month payment plan.

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