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At Bodyrayz Salon we use the SharpLight Formax hair removal system. SharpLight products offer non-invasive, clean and of minimal discomfort treatment for the permanent reduction of the hair. Suitable for all skin and hair types, any body area and size, from bikini lines and underarms to larger areas such as hands, legs, back, shoulders and abdomen. SharpLight’s unique DPC technology is safe and reliable, offering excellent hair removal results, with minimum discomfort.

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Take years off your looks, gracefully, gently …
Remove imperfections, brighten your skin …

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Skin treatments using the photo rejuvenation process represent a breakthrough in age-defying skin care. This new technique treats skin damage non-invasively, there is no disruption of the skin's epidermal surface. IPL treatments address the effects of photo aging and sun damage with low risk of complications and no recovery time.

IPL is the gold standard for photo rejuvenation. This FDA-cleared, patented technology provides dramatic results for a variety of benign conditions, including age spots, sun-induced freckles, symptoms of rosacea, birthmarks, unsightly veins, acne scarring and other blemishes -- even unwanted hair.

Why Choose IPL over other treatment options? Laser resurfacing and deep chemical peels often send patients into hiding, as they wait for redness and swelling to subside. Microdermabrasion addresses skin irregularities, but is not effective against all complexion problems including redness, flushing and broken capillaries. Face lifts and other surgical procedures are far too invasive for younger patients and "baby boomers" who simply want to revitalize their appearance without recovery downtime.

IPL Skin treatments using Photo rejuvenation offers a solution that:

  • Addresses Skin conditions that are visible

  • Lightening and removing sun spots, age spots, and brown blotches on the face, neck, chest, hands and other areas of the body

  • Lightening and reducing redness, rosacea, dilated blood vessels and broken blood vessels on the face, neck and chest

  • Helping to control flushing

  • Improves skin texture through collagen stimulation and improves pore size minimally by temporarily reducing oiliness

  • Treats the entire face, not only small spots

  • Causes little discomfort

  • Offers an immediate return to routine activates

  • Provides gradual, natural-looking improvements

  • Produces long-lasting results

IPL Photo rejuvenation, when done properly, almost always consists of a series of 4-6 treatments, usually one every three to six weeks.

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